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Unconditional Love

myhousekey did you just suggest I listen to chief keef??

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Who do you hate more

Delores Umbridge or Vee?

I fucking hate being sober

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My dog wants to go outside and I’ve been ignoring him cause I’m watching Harry Potter and right now he TRIED TO SCRATCH THE HDMI CORD OFF THE LAPTOP!

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"We light the oven so that everyone may bake bread in it."

José Martí (via feellng)

"We turn her on so everyone can can fuck her" orgys. I may be translating this wrong

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people need to understand that some people just don’t like talking it has nothing to do with u so don’t take it personally like some people just aren’t talkers and they’ll probably never text u first or initiate a conversation and it’s not because they don’t like u it’s just that they don’t think to say anything bc they’re comfortable with not saying anything

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what if garbage was spelled like garbij

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"I wish I was drunk"

—Me always (via seabelle)

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Making someone smile and moan at the same time during sex should be a life goal for everyone.

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"I’m sorry you were not truly loved and that it made you cruel."

—Warsan Shire (via deepinblackroses)

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"I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up."

—flyingwithoutwings21 (via flyingwithoutwings21)

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